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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy teaches your child the independence needed to adapt and grow with success!
Occupational Therapy Evaluations and Screeners  
Evaluations and screeners provide valuable data related to your child's development.  If you are unsure whether your child would benefit from a full occupational therapy evaluation, a screener can be conducted to assess specific areas of function, with a short 1-2 page report describing significant findings and future recommendations.  
A full evaluation provides you with a detailed assessment, using age appropriate standardized tools, and will detail areas of both strength and weakness, document specific goals for intervention, and provide recommendations for follow through both at home and school.  Communication with teachers and other therapeutic providers is crucial in helping providing a complete picture of the child's needs and will be facilitated as part of any screener or evaluation.  

Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy services can be provided in your home environment!  This is most appropriate in the early years of development, where adaptations to the home and support to the parent are vital to the child's development.  Therapy services can include fine motor and gross motor development, sensory motor development (including home based sensory diets), feeding and sleeping needs, and basic ADL's such as tolerating bathing, hair brushing, and toe nail clipping.


​For the older child, therapeutic interventions in the home and around your home environment can be extremely valuable and support engagement in graphomotor development, self regulation and sensory processing, and fine and gross motor coordination.  Interventions can provide both the child and the family with hands on strategies that be practiced and applied in between sessions, and help to problem solve real life concerns for caregivers within the natural environment. 


Also available:  On site school observations and environmental modification supports, professional development supports for schools, and in house consultations with classroom teachers and other professionals who are in contact with your child.

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